Important Notice

Important Notice for authors considering submitting their work to

Journal of Positive School Psychology

We have been informed that some third party websites are falsely claiming to act on behalf of the Society of Psychology and Education, and Journal of Positive School Psychology.

JPSP wishes to confirm that it has no connection to any other third party submission site and that submissions to our journal can only be made via our own website which is, and not through any third party site. JPSP and its parent company, Society of Psychology and Education, are based in and operates from Turkey. Our bank account is in Turkey, and for international facilitation we have one bank account in UK with the same account title.

This is a practice known within the industry as “Predatory Publishing”. These journals are using the name of established journals to solicit content from authors. Publishers are working together to try to find a solution to this problem. However, in the meantime, anyone seeking to submit work to established journals should take great care.