2020 vol 4 issue 2

1. The significance of Working Capital Management on Quality Management Systems in SMEs of Poland
Simon Lythgoe and Henare Mato
Cracow University of Technology , Poland, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland

2. The Future of Logistics Service Providers for Higher Service Quality
Reuben Morrison
Jönköping University, Switzerland.

3. The Future of Data Governance to Create Trusted Decision-Making Outcomes
Daniel Aristoteles Collins and Lisa de la Garza
Department of Aviation Management, Eskis¸ehir Technical University, Eskis¸ehir 26470, Turkey.

4. Questioning the Relationship Between Work-Life Balance, Career Commitment and Career Success, Under the Moderating Effect.
Ahmad Bucha, Ali Khan Tareen and Tanzeela Wajahat
University of Karachi, Pakistan, University of North-Western California, USA and The Punjab University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

5. Role of Emotional Intelligence of Higher Level Employees in Family Owned SMEs: Case Study of Slovakia.
Jenny Bundellu and Frank Christensen
Department of Business and Social History, Faculty of Economics, South-Western University, Slovakia.