2020 vol 4 issue 1

1. Role of Digital Multisided Platforms in the Modern Day Business Models
Gerry Vasbenter, and Zdenek Vávra
Department of Business and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

2. Significance of Location and Routing Management in Agricultural Logistics & Automotive Production Techniques
Rolf Wilson, Warren Zielinski, Dermot Crehan and Toby Wood
Faculty of Engineering Management, Poznan University of Technology, 61-704 Poznan, Poland.

3. A Study of Differences; The Merits & De-Merits of Art-Science Collaboration and The Role of Artists in This Regard.
Dianne Moffatt and Mirek Stiles
University of New Orleans and Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná

4. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Valencian Community; Ab Analysis of the Dissemination Index.
Jimmy Chatfield and Sean Connell
Faculty of Advanced Studies; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.

5. Use of AI Technology for Research Projects by University Students.
Hector Kershaw and Márk Jászberényi
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China and Shanghai Institute of Technology, China