Journal of Positive School Psychology (JPSP)

Positive psychology is about scientifically informed perspectives on what makes life worth living, focusing on aspects of the human condition that lead to happiness, fulfillment, and flourishing. The Journal of Positive School Psychology (JPSP) is a peer-reviewed journal, which provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for the science and application of positive psychology. The Journal is devoted to basic research and professional application on states of optimal human functioning and fulfillment, and the facilitation and promotion of well-being.

The Journal brings together leading work in positive school psychology undertaken by researchers across different sub-disciplines within psychology (e.g., social, personality, clinical, developmental, health, organizational), as well as across other social and behavioral disciplines (e.g., sociology, family studies, education, anthropology, neuroscience, philosophy, economics, medicine, organizational sciences, and social & management sciences).

Topics appropriate for the Journal include original research on human strengths and virtues, personal and social well-being, as well as applications to psychotherapy and counseling. Articles that evaluate the teaching and coaching of positive psychology are also invited. Special emphasis is placed on new theoretical and methodological approaches that advance both the science and practice of positive psychology. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original research reports, briefer empirical reports, and theoretical and review articles provided the latter represent a new and original contribution, rather than merely surveys of literature or summaries of previous research.

We also accept submissions of high quality papers from the global community in the fields of education, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, and other social sciences.  We do not accept book reviews at this time.