2018 Vol 2 Issue 2

1. The Demand for Entrepreneurship Skills Development in Team Leaders of Universities.
Joosten Kuypers
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia

2. Brand Equity and Financial Performance; what is more important for unlisted firms?
Matt Logue and Florian Martin
CIEO—Centro de Investigaçãosobre o Espaço e as Organizações, Universidadedo Algarve, Faro 8005-139, Portugal.

3. Social Media Influence on Tourist Preferences; A Case Study of the Mediterranean Region in Turkey
Seth Lippman and Jolene McCaffrey
Marketing Department, Autonomous University of Madrid, 28049 Madrid, Spain;

4. Women in Technology; An analysis of Women Led Technology Startups.
François Laroche
Department of Marketing, Gaziantep University, 27000 Gaziantep, Turkey